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3 April 2016
3 April 2016,

I have been in the lab hard at work on my follow-up IM marketing training course to Pintrest to SEO Tricks. This time we will be taking on the mighty traffic growth Stumbled Upon with Stumbled Upon Hero. Like Pinterest, Stumbled Upon is one of the Hidden social media gem on the Internet and can send a massive amount of traffic. Just massive influx of visitors also has a benefit your on your organic SEO. It's not uncommon to see oh hundred or even 1000 visitors from an active stumbled upon the account.

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This traffic is also great for client retention. Even though a bunch of stumbles isn't exactly what a client looking for from their search engine optimization firm, but they will definitely be impressed when the traffic to their local site that only 10 or 15 hits a day, suddenly jumps to 200 or 300, not to mention there is the “indirect SEO” benefit of all of that additional traffic and social activity. Let's not forget that a new customer may stumble on to them!!!


I will illustrate “Client Retention Move”…


Stumbled Upon: It's A Lot Better Traffic Than You Think


I am still putting the final touches on the lessons including some PDFs and other material but you can join right now it will be fully finished by Monday at the very latest. This course is no slouch, it goes into a 41 minute two video series very advanced search engine optimization techniques and even into blackhat SEO that is rarely discussed including ranking with GSA Search Engine Ranker.

And do you know what the best thing about getting all of this mastermind level SEO training is? It is only five bucks.


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Look for more info about the launch of this product him when it will be available for promotion on JVszoo,, and other platforms for affiliate promotions.

Have a pleasant Sunday, look for more news tomorrow.

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Jason Quinlan