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The days of "Build it and they will come" are over. Your business needs to be noticed online! Here are 4 important things we do...
  • 1Assess the current situation

    One of our consultants will personally look at everything you have set up online and determine what you are doing right, wrong, and what areas can be improved upon. We will suggest avenues you probably haven't explored that you should, and optimize your online presence. This applies to everything from your website, to your search engine optimization, paid advertising and social media efforts. We will even optimize your existing website to get maximum performance.

  • 2Figure Out Your Goals

    In the old days, when people needed a product or service, they simply opened the phone book. These days that doesn't happen, nine times out of 10 people are going to the Internet. If your business isn't coming up on the first page, there is not much of a chance they will make it to the second or third. Being listed high in search engine results is crucial. SEO, combined with proper use of video and social media get you ranked at the top in today's world.

  • 3Video / Social Media Marketing

    We've had broadband for 10 years, everyone has a high-speed Internet connection and that makes video more important than ever. With good video you have great traffic. We will assist you with your social media efforts to maximize its impact. It's a fact, most businesses use social media wrong. Let us show you how to get maximum impact from your social media presence including Twitter, Facebook presents etc.

  • 4 Continue Growing Your Traffic Base

    Once everything is in place, you'll notice traffic growing to your site, but that is not a time to be complacent. We will monitor your site, make adjustments, and monitor the competition to make sure you stay on top. Our passion is ranking websites, and we will use all of the latest “white hat” (the kind that doesn't get your site banned) SEO / social techniques to keep you one step ahead of your competition. We will also provide you with real-time Google analytics, so there's no waiting on a monthly report, you have real time, 24 hour a day access to your site's performance.

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