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13 January 2018
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13 January 2018,

Recovering from a Massive Hack

Sorry about the downtime, I am sure all five of you who regularly visit this site missed it. Fact is, I've been dealing with some pretty significant hacking. Whoever did this is not so much a mystery, but why they did is.

This site got hacked so bad it was de-indexed from Google. I am in the process of fixing that. JM Digital Marketing has always been pretty vanilla when it comes to the search engine optimization shenanigans. It's a verified entity, so it usually stands up pretty well on its own.

Look for more articles about Internet security and how to protect yourself especially if you own a Macintosh coming shortly. I will also be reviewing the various security options, plug-ins, VPN, and solutions because God knows in the last six months I've tried all of them.

As usual, I am going to post some of the attacking IP's, so if you run a website or a blog, you can block them yourselves.

The Top OffendersAnd Misbehaving IP Were

Top 5 IPs Blocked
IP Country Block Count China   CN 86 France   FR 16 United States   US 13 United States   US 8 Ukraine   UA 5


Top 5 Countries Blocked
Country Total IPs Blocked Block Count
China   CN 1 86
United States   US 4 23
France   FR 1 16
Turkey   TR 10 11
Ukraine   UA 3 8
Top 5 Failed Logins
Username Login Attempts Existing User
Jay Quinlan 14 No
admin 2 No 1 No
jay2 1 No