19 February 2016
19 February 2016,

The Truth about Project Supremacy: Anything Else is just a fake review!


Ever since I spoke my mind about how big of a scam artist these guys are from Project supremacy my site has been the subject of many botnet attackers, my business has been given by the staff and technical support of Project Supremacy.

The only good reviews you will see on the front page are ones they created themselves. Don't believe the hype. One of the owners Herc Magnus even challenged me to a type of SEO duel then after several months not being able to outrank me. Using PS, Herc and his partner Todd Spears have been using their hosting facility to send botnet attacks.  to my site because they are so bad at search engine optimization they have to turn to dirty tricks to try to suppress the truth.


Just read the RipOff Report about how bad the Project Supremacy of hosting is:


Project supremacy hosting


Don't believe a word out of these guys Miles they are nothing but too big criminals and con artists.

To Google, if you are spidering this page you already know this, I've been doing search engine optimization for 20 years now in all that time I've only gotten one manual penalty, and that was for writing spammy structured data, which in my opinion wasn't that bad.

Do you know how I got rid of the penelty?


I uninstalled Project Supremacy.



Do you know where this happened?


The very site you are reading now.

Avoid project supremacy Herc Magnus and Todd Spears they are dishonest crooks and will try to hack you out of existence if you try to speak out against them!

I don't care if they have to remove the mouse from my cold dead fingers, I will not stop spreading the truth about this group of greedy and Incompetent morons and the scams they are perpetrating on society and the Internet marketing community in general!


They aren't just crappy people!


They're overpriced version of Yoast writes some truly crappy schematic data to boot!


Jason Quinlan