6 April 2016
6 April 2016,

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that Pinterest SEO Tricks is now available for affiliate promotion through JV Zoo. If you already have taken the course, I will approve you as an affiliate and let you promote it in give you 100% commissions! That's right, you keep 100% just like it was your own product!

You can sign up to be an affiliate right here:

If I can do anything to assist you in terms of having graphics are banners created just send me your specifications and I will be glad to have them made for you.

Here is the smaller copy of the logo that fits easily into the sidebar of a blog:

Pinterest Seo Tricks banner

Here is a quick tip, that I've been doing for years. If you want to display an image in your blog and not spend a ton of time on it:

1. Take this Image that you see you above and copy it to your hard drive.

2. Go to “Media Library” and upload the image. In the media library edit the image to the size that fits with your blogs theme.

3. Create a new post. Call it something like “banners do not publish”.

4. If you were not good with HTML, or just want to save some time, insert the image into the post using the visual editor.

5. Paste the affiliate code on to your image.

6. Then go into text mode and you will see the HTML. Then copy out the HTML.

7. Then go to your widgets and just paste it in there and you are done.

8. (optional) if you want to get a little bit higher click-through add some sales text to the top, bottom or both like this:


In my testing, I have always found a good way to cut down on “banner blindness” which (studies suggest 86% of consumers suffer from) is to wrap it in some catchy sales text that describes your offer a little bit better!

I hope that helps and if you have any questions or need help hit me up:

jay@jqmedia.org / Skype: JasonQuinlan71

You can sign up to be an affiliate right here: