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4 April 2016
4 April 2016,

facebook and other social media optimizationThe Pinterest Private Facebook Group Is Now Live!!

I just wanted to let you guys know that I got the technical kinks worked out of the Facebook group. Sorry about lagging, this is my first IM site, so pardon me.

FYI: I added a few new courses to the site, so me at the request of members:
Reputation management & Pinterest:
I go into some special considerations you should be thinking about if you're trying to use Pinterest for reputation management, which it is a very effective tool.
Embedding A PIN:
I am not trying to insult anyone's intelligence, Pinterest doesn't make it is easy as YouTube to embed content into WordPress. So I shot a video clarifying the process. It is also a very powerful way to boost your search engine optimization and engagement.
An introduction to IFTTT:
Being a bit of a nerd, I thought everyone knew about “if this then that”. I had a few members emails asking about it, so I added a Quick lesson. If you really want to get into IFTTT SEO, I highly suggest you do it before Wednesday of this week because the opening offer for IFTTT SEO Academy add only $47 closes on Wednesday:

Get in while the getting is good!
Again, I would like to thank everyone who took the chance on me in taking this course and I welcome your comments and/or criticism. The pre-launch was surprisingly successful considering how little I promoted it!

I will keep adding new videos to this course and cleaning things up before it launches on JV zoo at a much higher price than $7!

I know I threatened a price increase before but this time I'm serious!

Get it in for 7$ you can:

Lastly, I am putting my finishing touches on my second Internet marketing course Stumbled Upon Hero. I will have to say, that it is a beast of a course and gets into some pretty advanced SEO tactics (including Syndwire and GSA) you would never associate was Stumbled Upon!

You can request group access here:
Thank you,
Jason Quinlan