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I have included this list of must-have tools and training for search engine optimization. I do not only post these links to make money. I use all of these tools and find them to be an indispensable part of my business.


FEATURED: I do not say this lightly, there are many must-have WordPress plug-ins, But Project Supremacy is one of them –

If You Want To Get Serious With Black Hat SEO – this is the most powerful too on the market!

You will need there too –


No Name Hosting – – Google is getting smarter and smarter at detecting private blog networks and other forms of trickery. One surefire way to leave a footprint is to host all of your sites on the same class C server or IP address.

E-Mail Marking:

Aweber – the reason I put this one first, as I always tell clients “it is never too early to start collecting emails.” While I always recommend that they create social media, people will often miss Facebook updates or tweets. The average person checks their email several times a day. I have found the email marketing is the most powerful way to stay in contact with your customers or potential customers. That doesn't give you permission to spam your list to death! See how on how to tastefully use email marketing to grow your business.


IFTTT SEO Academy V2 – The follow up to the greatest SEO class of all time. The training in the first version changed the way I do SEO and will no the same thing for you!!

Master Class / IFTT SEO Academy – – I have been doing search engine optimization for over 20 years, and I've never taken any formal training. That was up until I discovered this course.  These guys are by far the best; their IFTT training totally made me rethink my search engine optimization strategies.

Keyword Research:

Power Suggest Pro – Keyword research is the most important part of any SEO campaign. If you don't know the phrases people are looking for how can you possibly position your pages to be found? Even more important, is finding the “long-tail” keywords that are easier to attain and convert better because they match more closely to what the searcher is looking for. Read more about my favorite keyword research tool here.

Local SEO:

WHITEPARK – this Canadian-based company is the standard for citation building for local business. They are affordability priced and professional with an official business citation costing four dollars and industry-specific in the $5 range. The only downside is they often take 4-6 weeks to complete in order, but are very thorough and professional.

LOGANIX – many companies will build local citations (help, city pages, etc.spreadsheets  of) for you. If you were working at a local business, this is the most important part. Inconsistent NAP data turns what should be a natural process into a complete nightmare. That is why I highly recommend Loganix.


BackLinksIndexer – especially if you have ordered local citations, what a lot of people don't know is they are doing you no good unless Google knows they're there. They need to be indexed. I have seen situations where spreadsheets of citations developed six months prior that I had never been picked up by Google. That is because many of these business listings contain duplicate descriptions and information and get put to the bottom of the pile. You have to force Google to take notice. I have tried several link indexers, and backlinks indexer is by far the best. Also, oh what they're doing is completely “white hat” the worst thing that could happen to you is your links won't get indexed.

Affiliate Marketing:

Pretty Link Pro – if you're creating a network of affiliate sites, nice link Pro is a must-have tool. Most importantly it will make an immaculate and user-friendly link that will increase your click through rate and will cloak your affiliate links from search engines. It has a plethora of other advanced features including extended replacing text on the page with affiliate links, A/B testing, bulk import, and export. For more information about Pretty link see here.

Website Security

WP Site Guardian it is safe to assume that the reason you wanted to make a website is to generate money for you or your business. How much money is your site making you when it's down? I think you know the answer to that. With word press having such a large percentage of the content management market, it also has the most significant percentage of people trying to hack into it. If you were serious about security check  out

my review about WP site guardian.

Cool Tools

Spin Re-writer – I do not recommend spinning text, especially on your main pages. If you were like a lot of people, you probably get writer's block, or you may want to generate some quick articles for your tier 2  properties. In these cases, you can do no better than Spin Re-Writer. I highly suggest you read the output before publishing it do not use it on any page you're trying to make a sale unless you have edited the text thoroughly. Also, to avoid copyright problems, I highly suggest using the PLR article feature from Big Content Search.

BackLinksIndexer – there is nothing worse than waiting for your newly published webpages to get indexed. BackLinksIndexer is a complete whitehat method of pinging all of the different blog update services. There are many different indexers available at, but this is by far the best.


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