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28 March 2016
28 March 2016,

An Honest IFTTT SEO Academy V2 Review from Semantic Mastery

I have made it no secret that I have been ‘s semantic mastery student for some time. IFTTT hit me when I saw Bradley Benner make an appearance on morning Joe Troyer's webinars and showed how you could use IFTTT to add five more properties of that war and Syndwire. Not long after, I picked up the first course, until IFTTT SEO Academy on JV Zoo. In my 20 years plus working with a focus on SEM I had never been taught anything. I always was self-taught. Before the IFTTT SEO 1 I had never even heard of this service and now IRA up everything that I do in a “layer of IFTTT”.


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So what about V2? Kind of like movies or Rock albums it's always hard to follow up with another Internet training course after you had such a strong debut.

So what is different about IFTTT SEO Academy V2? For one, it goes into a lot more Advanced usages outside of blogging traditional search engine optimization and offers a wide variety of uses from podcasting, To e-commerce, and it goes without saying managing a lot of different social media accounts.


IFTTT SEO Academy V2 Review





Here is a video review I did for
http://www.iftttseoacademy.com on IFTTT SEO 2.


So How Is The New IFTTT SEO From Semantic Mastery Stack Up?


I will have to say that after the first release they really had some big shoes to fill, But not only did they do that with precision and excellence they also expanded to use of these powerful networks into areas that are not just the grounds for SEO nerds and trolls.

What Is New With IFTTT V2?


Bradley said, that this training originally was not supposed to be a front end product for the public boat was his way of training his virtual assistants in the Philippines on the how to set up these networks because the process can be very time-consuming and repetitive what is something that can easily be outsourced to a VA.

Pick of the full course for a one-time offer, the price will never be this low again:

One thing that makes this better than most other search engine dork classes is it focuses on aspects like running a business and how to make money which is something that is overlooked and a lot of the more technical courses.

I'm going to have to highly recommend that you check this out and it comes with the 30 day moneyback guarantee doesn't live up to the five star review that I'm giving it right now!

If you still want more information I will be Live casting an our hangout with the creator of this Internet marketing training, you can catch it right here at 12PST or at 3 PM if you are in the Eastern Time Zone.

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