2 April 2016
2 April 2016,


How to Embed A Pin From Pinterest In Your Blog


If you were having a hard time figuring out how to embed a Pin on your blog don't feel like and idiot. Pinterst doesn't make it as easy as YouTube to share content.

1. Go to pin and open it. – Example: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/347129083759742333/

2. Find the little box with three dots on it, as pictured below. I think this is the main reason a lot of Pinterest users can't find the Embed.

the dots for the pinterest embed

4. Click on the dots and you will be redirected to the part where you need to copy the code off.  On the next screen you should be already logged into the section to copy your pin. Pick the size you want. It allows you to choose from small, medium and large. Then scroll down.

4. The weird thing is you not only have to copy the code for the pin, you also have to copy a another piece of code and put it in the same blog post. See my example below.

pinerest embed code

5. Make sure to copy the top embed code and the smaller chunk of code beneath it into the same post. If you do not copy the second line of code your pin will not show up. If you have done it correctly, it should look something like this. Make sure you are using your word press in text and not visual mode or your Will look like gobbledygook. If you have done everything correctly, It should look something like this.


Adding that second piece of code every time you want to pin something can be a bit annoying, But there is a free WordPress plug-in called “Add To Footer” you could use it to add the code to every page if you were planning on pending a lot of stuff. Otherwise, it's perfectly fine to just do it on a post per post basis.

For more information on marketing with Pinterest click here.

If you have any comments, suggestions or if you think you have a better method please feel free to leave for your comments in this post and I will respond to them promptly!
Jason Quinlan