3 July 2017
3 July 2017,


“The Great “Dragging Up” Effect (Free Lecture) – JQ Video Marketing

Happy holiday “weekend,”

I know it's a big summer weekend so that I will be brief.

Below is a free lecture from JQ Video Marketing I call “The Great “Dragging Up” Effect.


If you rank your videos using my “trifecta method” you “drag up” your site to page 1 with them!


This only happens 100% of the time….


If you watch this and still think “nofollow” directive is absolute, I'm sorry, you are on crack.

Today is the last day to get JQ Video Marketing 50% off with Youtube Card Tricks and 30 minutes of Skype coaching.

In case you missed it,

The complete “Uncut” YouTube Subtopics lecture:

I hope to see you on the inside.

Last day 50% off here: