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I have started to roll out my own series of online Internet marketing training courses. I have so many ideas, from experience I've gained after doing this day in and day out for 20 years, this list should be getting long pretty fast. You can also find these are also available through the Udemy learning platform

You can check out my credentials here.I like to releaseAll of these courses online own in addition to what I am doing with UdemyThat way I have more control over my work.


Digital Products By Jason Quinlan



JQ Video Marketing – http://www.jqvideomarketing.com
Youtube Card Trickshttp://www.youtubecardtricks.com
Pinterest SEO Tricks – http://www.pinterestseotricks.com
Stumbled Upon Hero – http://www.stumbleduponhero.com
Tumblr Hero – http://www.tumblrhero.com

Not ready to take a leap into a 5$ SEO course? I have plenty of free ones:

SEO, Social Media, Product Demos – https://shinyobjectreviewsvip.smartmember.com/
FREE BROWSEO TRAINING – http://freebrowseotraining.smartmember.com/


Are you an affiliate? –
These won't make you a billionaire, but they are easy sales. I should charge more, LOL!

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So far, these Internet marketing courses have been my main source of income online, I will have to say that I would not be able to do it without the help of VaueAddOn. If you were looking for membership site content management system these guys are top notch. Valueaddon integrates with JV zoo, stripe, and so much more you will love it.

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