Youtube Card tricks one dollar
21 December 2016

Engagement: The Biggest Ranking Factor On YouTube

21 December 2016,

  Is Engagement The Biggest Ranking Factor On YouTube? I did this last night as an experiment. I spent all of 30 seconds making […]

hashtags coming to YouTube
29 April 2016

Hashtags Coming in YouTube Search

29 April 2016,

Hashtags are now coming to YouTube search according to this Creator Monthly email I received. #hashtags in YouTube search We’re #blessed to be introducing […]

google cards + google hangouts
11 April 2016

How To Use Youtube Cards In A Google Hangout

11 April 2016,

How to put YouTube Cards Into Alive Hangout Did you know that you can use YouTube cards on Google Hangouts? That’s just one of […]

10 April 2016

How To Use Youtube Cards – Basic

10 April 2016,

  via How To Use Youtube Cards (an Introduction) This is a preview to my next Internet training course I am putting the finishing […]

mountian biking in la
8 April 2016

You Tube Cards: Mountain Biking in LA

8 April 2016,

  via Mountain Biking in LA This is a video I’ve just been using messing around testing and using for demonstration purposes on my […]