8 July 2017
8 July 2017,

Video Marketing Hacks “The Instabrand” – From The Best Video Marketing Course Of All Time

I'm sure you are sick of hearing about it, but I'm officially a Udemy instructor.

udemy instuctor bio

I wasn't even going to put “The Instabrand” in “The Best Video Marketing Course Of All Time” because it's “too ninja” and I wanted to keep it for myself..

“The Instabrand”(PRIVATE LINK)

The Instabrand Video video marketing hack was shot in real time with no edits.  The “Instabrand” creates “instant brand signals” with Google. All it takes is a tweet (see free video).

The first 15 students can pick up this $200 course for $15 using this coupon:

If you happen to login to see it for $10, that is how much it is.

It's Udemy's world, I'm just living in it.

If you are wondering does this work? Sust see how much damage I did in about 12 hours.



Check out the best video marketing course of all time here to lean more video Marketing hacks like the The legendary Instabrand:
The Best Video Marketing Course Of All Time

seo autopilot

Awesome Offer The SEO AutoPilot Guys

I begged guys at SEO AutoPilot guys let me run my 20% coupon till Monday.


SEO AutoPilot is the only link building software I use.

Check out their new video ranking module:

They update almost every day with new features. It post to sites using Google Chrome, so the success rate is still ridiculous.

SEO AutoPilot does a great job of targeting only high DA sites and creates a very natural link pattern starting at shortners, then social bookmarks.

For the coupe de grace, I export a list and throw it in BrowSEO to to create “traffic signals and the results are amazing.

I haven't touched GSA since I started use SEO Autopilot and I doubt I will ever again.



  • Carlos Bastarache

    That is a good trick, I just learned something

    • hell yeah good buddy, there are 70+ more where that came from!