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We live in a new digital age. You have two reputations: A personal reputation and an online reputation. What people find when they search your name in Google can potentially make or break new job opportunities, romantic interests, and being able to start a new life. It happens to thousands of people every day. Whether it's an arrest record, a part of your life you are not proud of or negative posts by someone with an agenda, these issues can ruin your plans for the future.

My name is Jason Quinlan. I know about how important managing your online reputation is firsthand. I was forced from a lucrative business partnership because of things I had posted online. This was no small loss for me. It was a catastrophe. It ultimately cost me my dream home, an enormous amount of money and credibility in my industry. It wasn't I was doing a bad job. Some remarks I had made online (only intended as humor) destroyed my life.

Watch this video and I'll explain exactly how to manage your online reputation: Does it sound like a lot of work? It is!!

I have over 20 years of experience in achieving top results on Google. It is nearly impossible to get something “removed” from the Internet! The only thing you can do is try to bury the negative results and replace them with a positive ones.

There are a number of things you can do yourself! You may not even need to hire someone or pay a service. I give it a thorough explanation in my free e-book “Managing Your Online Reputation: 13 Tips and Secrets No One Will Share!” You can obtain a free copy by simply entering your email below:

REAL TESTIMONIAL: “It's funny when after all the awesome sh*t you do, the blessing and curse called “the Internet” can make or break you. Sometimes it's justifying, and other times its not fair because all it takes is a search and a little bit of judgment to determine a variety of things, be it personal or professional. Jay gets it, and can take the best things you do and move it to the forefront. So if someone happens to find sh*t online about you, from 5 years ago, on page 22, then f*ck it at least you can call them a stalker. Everyone else that matters likely won't go past page 2. JM DIGITAL help me put my best foot forward, as I've paid my dues, and deserve to be recognized for my best.” -SP

Do you have an important event in your life (such as a job interview) and don't have to waste waiting on nefarious information to drop out of Google? We are here to help! All of our reputation management plans are custom tailored to your needs.No person’s online reputation problems are the same as another’s. We provide custom solutions tailored to your needs. We are a boutique agency, we don't claim to be biggest online reputation management service, but we are the best. We deliver results. We aren't happy with getting  you want buried on page 3. We are very thorough!