12 September 2017
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12 September 2017,

I Made A Promise To Myself, and I'm Keeping It (How To Make Money In Online Marketing Without Traditional Clients)

Clients Suck

A few month ago I made a promise to myself: NO MORE CLIENTS (except for ORM)! I know a lot of online marketers say that, but at the end of the day, the math makes sense. I started SEO in 1997 and worked 17 years without ever taking a client.

When I finally did, I jumped straight into the deep end of the pool. I know this sounds cliche, but my first 3 were “dream clients”: I did video SEO for the biggest plastic surgery center in the US, had several lawyers in big metropolitan areas, and a pharmaceutical company. Without growing a third hand to pat myself on the back, I ranked the shit out of them. In fact, I found doing “local” quite easy, often time getting them national or statewide ranking because I didn't know how to think smaller. Somewhere deep inside I always felt it was like having a new girlfriend. It's bright and sunny at the beginning and six months later, be it my abstinence, company politics or a Google dance, it would always end badly.

In fact, I found doing “local SEO” quite easy, often time getting them national or statewide ranking because I didn't know how to think smaller

The Revolution Must Be Marketed!


Aside from the time I've been with Semantic Mastery, I've been completely self-taught. For the last few years, I know that local lead generation has been how many money their efforts. I dabbled in it, but never did much. Being a humongous anti-social person didn't help I'm sure. Again, I had reservations about the whole business model. If this is how you are making; I sincerely wish the best for you, rock it to the wheels fall off. Let me just say that once you've been doing SEO for 20 years, you become like a sea captain who has lost at sea for too many years. Instinctively, you can feel Google is going to do something almost like the changing of the tide. One thing I have learned is Google will let something go on they don't approve of, but they will just observe and lull you into a sense of comfort until they drop the hammer. If all of your eggs are in one basket, you had better find a new hustle quick.


Online Marketing Isn't A 15 Minute A Day Hack: EVER!


So, back to my story: (it's my birthday, and no I don't want to talk about how old I am)…I thought back over the past 20 years and tried to think of when I was the happiest, and that was when I was strictly an affiliate marketer. Over the last few years, the affiliate landscape has changed dramatically. After a year or so of waffling, I thought I'd lost my touch, but I had to take some of my advice.

Now, I concentrate on affiliate marketing and to be honest, many of the tricks and techniques I in affiliate marketing I can reuse in ORM and teach on Udemy, which is going quite well for me. In just over a month I have 60 students in 17 countries and a 4.9 instructor rating which even makes my parents are proud.


jason quinlan udemy


Ok, I know I've been rambling. I know you are thinking “here comes the pitch but it's not like that. My Italian mom always told me, “I'm honest to the point of fault. One problem I had initially on JV Zoo was I was running a “review site,” but none of the vendors would give me demos. That all changed when I went over 100 sales, now I can try almost any Shiny Object I want, and if a seller doesn't want to let me try something there is usually a reason


Here is where I was caught completely off guard, I'm going to show you my REAL stats:


jason quinlan jvzooo stats 9-11


Sending Traffic To The Landing Page:



After The Commission Gorilla:


commission gorria bonus page stats



Why this is funny is Promote Labs (who I think is one of the better product creators) gave me this Commission Gorilla to try and to be honest, I wasn't expecting much. I made a landing page with their Commission Gorilla delivery system and went off 0:24 conversion rate on 1:8. Granted I would like to have a larger sample of traffic, but over the last few days, I've been busier fending off a nasty DDoS attack than worrying about sales. On top of that, these weren't “warm sales,” this was on “cold traffic”.

It’s still in OTO, and at this price, it’s a steal.

I know I should have been making bonus to “add value” to my affiliate offers, but between the bad PLR and my VA's English, it wasn't going anywhere fast.


the best pinterest seo course of all time


Lastly, as a bonus to the bonuses, I'm throwing in Pinterest SEO Tricks 2017 which is my original Pinterest course, but 10x better, when I was remaking it I kept telling myself, “man I sucked back then”!