4 June 2017
4 June 2017,

JQ Video Marketing – The Best Online Video Marketing Course


via JQ Video Marketing – The Best Online Video Marketing Course




If you are looking to learn video marketing, you could scan Udemy, or let me suggest an alternative. If someone claims to be an expert on a certain topic, especially being able to do rank videos, shouldn't you find their videos at the top of the searches? It makes perfect sense to search Google for best for “best video marketing course?


The Proof Is In The Pudding


At the risk of sounding self-promotional, I didn't even try to target this term until yesterday. The methods I teach in JQ Video Marketing don't involve exploiting some youtube loophole is geared at creating quality videos that rank in the long term and not 1000's of spam video targeting longtail keywords that you would rank for just by being there.


google resuly for - best video marketing course



For a list of more reason why these methods work check out our worksheet that has the exact formula on how we were able to do this steal the exact formula here.

The price has gone up to $97, but I'm going to raise it again to  $200 once it hits Udemy in a couple of months. I also have a Vimeo Update coming out, as they have just updated their Embed (in a very cool way) that make the strategies I teach even easier. I will also be held Friday” office hours” on Google Hangouts for my students, for those who have questions. The first one will be this Friday; I will e-mail all of the enrolled students a link.

So get in on the most cutting edge video marketing training (in our very biased opinion).

If you would like private instruction, I am available either in person at our offices or via Skype. If you are in the Los Angeles area, this is how you reach our offices.


So far the response from student has been nothing short of amazing,

If you have questions of comment feel free to contact me.