Content Syndication, Webspam, and the Duplicity of Google - UPDATE
29 May 2017
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29 May 2017,

Google Syndication Penalty Updated 48 Hours Later

This is an update from my last post, which I see as a sign of weakness from Google's spam team. It's almost like they walked back Penguin 4 completely. Maybe Rankbrain complained about working overtime this weekend.

How Your Internal Links Become “Spam Links”



I believe what Google is taking issue with isn't content syndication itself. When your posts are syndicated, your internal links become external links on the host's site. When you are linking to other pages ON your site: Why wouldn't you use the keywords in the anchor text? That's NOT spamming its NAVIGATION. Where I think Google has a problem is when syndicated, the navigation becomes the “keyword-rich” spam links they are referencing (I think). Again, the announcement was so vague and desperate sounding it's hard to tell.



My Initial Testing


To put my money where my mouth is, I tried a little experiment Friday night. I wrote a completely original 1300 Word blog post with all original images. It went out to 1 branded IFTTT network, and then I hand-posted it two Medium and attributed this source (which is close as we can get to canonicalization).

These results may just be a fluke, this site is a valid entity, and I purposely made the title very unique. I'm not saying this means anything, but check out the results:’s+New+Syndication+and+Webspam+Policy

It's not like Google has a problem with my domain because they let it rank for far more competitive terms:

The only thing I did differently between the two posts is in the “negative SEO” article I used the “video tsunami” method. Maybe it's stronger than I thought.

Maybe it's stronger than I thought.

Please post opinions, praise, insults, harsh comments, and criticism in the comments 🙂

I hope you are having a great memorial day weekend!

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