1 August 2016
1 August 2016,

Don't Buy BrowSeo V3 Till You Watch This! BrowSeo v3 Review

Hey, sorry I haven't had time to update this blog in a while. I moved out of Los Angeles back to Atlanta because like most people, I got burnout of LA.

I have had BrowSeo for a couple of months. Till now, I haven't had a chance to give it a fair review because I've had so much time invested in moving. In my opinion, BrowSEO the most powerful tool in SEO right now. It's not just the most powerful tool in search engine optimization I think it's the most powerful tool and online marketing in general.

Today, I took a good eight hours and put my nose to the grindstone and made this video showing you a good demo of what BrowSEO is capable of doing. As much as I love IFTTT, there is a major flaw in it that I've often thought of. Sure, your content is getting pushed out to a bunch an of networks that it might not normally have, but because they are all just dummy accounts with no followers or engagement, it's starting to help you less and less, if at all.

a picture of the browseo dashboard

Also, another problem is you would have to use proxies and then clean your cache, and because you keep logging back into all of these different sites with no cookies, That looks suspicious to sites like Facebook and Google which use cookies as an identifier, and it is critical to their advertising platforms. Therefore, you even see phone verified accounts getting banned left and right.

BrowSeo fixes all of that. To break it down the easiest way possible is in one browser it creates multiple Fixfox profiles, (with BrowSEO the profiles are unlimited, I was we're Firefox limits you to five) each with its own identity, cache, cookies, and history all run through proxies, so they look like they're coming in from completely separate locations.

You can use whoers.com to check your level of anonymity, and it's not hard to get it up to 100% even though the software functions completely fine at levels of 70% or even 40% anonymity.

Those features alone, make it well worth the price tag of $500 for a lifetime license which is going to go away soon as they release “the real version” of V3, but let may give you a little tip, the version that you get right now is V3. They are just still working some small bugs out. My only complaint is it's a little bit buggy in it crashes quite a bit, and I'm sure that's why they haven't gone and released the final version of BrowSeo V3 so they wouldn't get a bunch of bad reviews saying that it's janky software.

Beyond that, there are a ton of other features including an excellent curation module (the prospector) that helps you find Conversations in your niche to engage. There are an RSS module and an RSS feed feature. There is a feature called the YouTube splitter that does the same thing as a Vidpenguin except for a lot less money and also like Vidpenguin it lets you send the uRLs you have created directly to index services like the Backlinksindexer.

There are a couple more features on there I haven't even had time to mess with, So look for another review. All I can say is if you have the money get this thing now and as a bonus, I will throw in Pinterest SEO Tricks, Stumbled Upon Hero and YouTube Cardtricks if you buy from my link.

Just send me an email with your BrowSeo V3 receipt and I will happily hook you up, and if you need some help, I'll be glad to give you some tips. It can be a little bit daunting at first and does have a bit of a high learning curve. Browseo is a tool for those that are serious about search engine optimization!



If you decide to take me up on my bonus offer email me at jay@jqmedia.org and I will get you hooked up straightaway.

PS: you were going to need a lot of dedicated US proxies, and if you go anywhere but here, You are truly wasting your time:


They should win an award alone just for the outstanding customer support.