7 February 2016,

via https://vimeo.com/885knowseo

  • I have the backup and askismet and dofollow of course .. the others I don’t. Time for a revamp on those old wp tutorials on your site? The extra one’s I have arem one for a sitemap and one for a contact form the other two are security plugins. I was not sure about any of the seo plugins so left them alone but will be checking the above out.

    WP Security Scan

    Exploit Scanner

    Fast Secure Contact Form

    WP Archive-Sitemap Generator

    • Jay Quinlan

      what does Askimet have to do with this?

    • why don’t you use yoast? I thing they get better and better

  • PS is actually a pretty Good one, they are trying to take competition away from Yoast. The schematic data option are actually pretty good and they keep it updated.I have it de-activaed it on this site night now