13 July 2017
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13 July 2017,

This error is something I have been wanting to touch on forever because if you check your search console for errors what you're going to see is a lot of Structured Data errors are common. Most Common is user authored third-party Javascript code. That can be interpreted two ways the first is: web safety”. It probably isn't the safest thing to just have a third-party Java written and secondly there is the Google conspiracy side.


Google: The Snake Is Eating It's Own Tail



Make no mistake what I'm talking about I am speaking about structured that will validate over here you can put your site you may get even be getting snippets! Looking in the search console, you'll see those mobile error pop up. Sounds pretty backward, right?

Google has been obvious that they're moving towards a “mobile first index“. Yes. What I'm telling you is exactly correct, the structured data of today become the APM errors of tomorrow.

There is only one way out! Use Google Tag Manager now this to put schema directly in your pages. GTM will be serving the schema now.Personally, I like the time manager, and it's not that hard to use. At first Tag Manager may seem intimidating, but it's really simple.

Follow the directions in the video or I will come back with this some additional schema tips for later this week.